Understanding 429 Status Code: Avoid Overloading with Too Many Requests

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Response status code 429 typically indicates that the client is making too many requests. This is a common occurrence in web scraping when the process is too rapid.

One method to circumvent status code 429 is to moderate our connections using rate limiting. This approach is particularly prevalent when utilizing large-scale asynchronous scrapers like Python’s asyncio or scrapy. For more information, refer to our guide on how to rate limit python requests

Another strategy to bypass the 429 status code is to distribute connections across multiple agents. Proxies and proxy rotation can be employed for this purpose. For more details, consult our guide on how to rotate proxies

Alternatively, the web scraping API provided by Scrape Network can be utilized to automatically distribute connections, thereby avoiding the low rate limits imposed by some websites.

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