Understanding Cloudflare Error 1010: Browser Signature Issues & Solutions

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

“Error 1010: The owner of this website has banned your access based on your browser’s signature” is a common issue when using browser automation tools like Puppetter, Playwright, or Selenium for web scraping. This error arises because Cloudflare can detect the non-standard browser signatures that these tools often produce, distinguishing them from regular browsers used by humans. To tackle this challenge and maintain seamless access to web resources, it’s beneficial to incorporate a web scraping API into your scraping strategy. Such APIs are designed to emulate human-like browsing patterns more closely, effectively bypassing Cloudflare’s stringent checks and allowing for uninterrupted data collection, even from websites with robust anti-scraping measures in place.

This problem arises due to javascript fingerprinting, as these automated browsers are easily identifiable.

To circumvent this error, it’s recommended to strengthen browser automation tools against javascript fingerprinting:

Alternatively, consider using web scraping APIs, such as those offered by Scrape Network, which utilize fortified cloud browsers to execute scraping commands.

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