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The mitmproxy tool is a widely utilized intermediary proxy that facilitates web scraping, particularly for secure HTTPS sites, necessitating the installation of a custom certificate. This step is essential for

PhantomJS has been a cornerstone in the realm of browser automation, particularly useful for tasks like web scraping, where it simulates web browsers to bypass blocks and handle JavaScript-rendered content.

Local storage serves as a crucial web browser feature, enabling sites to store data on a user’s device in a key-value format, fostering seamless data management and user experience enhancements.

While experimenting with web scraping, it may be necessary to modify and play around with cookie values in the browser to comprehend the behavior of the website. The developer tools

In 2023, the landscape of ecommerce is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the need for Amazon scraping tools. This demand stems from businesses of every scale aiming to mine valuable