Discover Python Libraries Supporting HTTP2: Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Python offers a variety of HTTP clients suitable for web scraping. However, not all support HTTP2, which can be crucial for avoiding web scraper blocking. To ensure you’re using the most efficient tools for your data extraction needs, leveraging the best web scraping API can provide a significant advantage. These APIs are optimized for performance, including support for HTTP2, thereby enhancing the speed and reliability of web scraping operations.

Here are the most commonly used HTTP clients that support HTTP2:

  • HTTPX – This is one of the most popular new libraries for Python. HTTPX supports HTTP2 and asyncio, making it an excellent choice for web scraping:
import httpx
with httpx.Client(http2=True) as client:
    response = client.get("")
  • h2 – This is a low-level implementation of the HTTP2 protocol. It’s not typically recommended for direct use in web scraping, but it can be the only way to implement complex HTTP2 interactions for specialized web scrapers.
  import h2.connection
  import h2.config

  config = h2.config.H2Configuration()
  conn = h2.connection.H2Connection(config=config)
  conn.send_headers(stream_id=stream_id, headers=headers)
  conn.send_data(stream_id, data)
  events = conn.receive_data(socket_data)

Therefore, it’s generally best to use httpx for HTTP2. However, if you have a complex use case, h2 can be adapted to extendible libraries like twisted.

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